Keeping your cats hydrated in those hot summer months

Tuxedo cat sits with cans of cat food

Compensation was provided for this post by Purina.

Well, summer is finally here and I couldn’t be happier! To me, summertime means concerts, vacations and the beach! We might live in the northeast, but Boston can get HOT in the summer. In fact, the last few weeks have given us several 90-degree days in a row. Keeping a keen eye on your cat’s water intake is important during these hot summer months. To help you stay in tune with your cat, check out these four tips Purina Pro Plan has compiled on proper hydration. Are you doing enough to keep your cat’s water intake up?

Keeping the cats hydrated is a constant concern of mine, especially since Hugo has a tendency to spill the water bowls the second I put them down. That’s why we also make sure to feed the boys Purina Pro Plan wet cat food every day. Not only do they love the taste; I know it is providing them with the extra hydration they need to stay happy and healthy.

Tuxedo cat sits behind two cans of wet cat food

People always ask me what I feed the trio to keep their coats so silky and smooth. Well, my secret is out. We’re a Purina Pro Plan family. I especially love how all their wet formulas are high in protein, with their primary ingredient as real meat, poultry or fish. You can also choose from wet food in gravy, sauce or classic. A number of their wet foods also contain complements of pasta, vegetables, cheese or rice, which adds a variety of different tastes and textures to mealtime, something that I know the boys enjoy. Both Ben and Hugo can be pretty vocal around dinnertime, especially if we are a few minutes off schedule–they always let us know when it’s time to get up and feed them!

Tuxedo cat eats wet cat food from bowlIf you haven’t tried Purina Pro Plan’s wet cat food and you’re interested in learning more about its ingredients and where to buy it, take a peek here. As a bonus, click on the coupon to get a special deal from Purina–buy 5 cans, get 1 free! Just enter in your email address and get the coupon delivered right to your inbox. If you’ve never tried Purina Pro Plan’s wet cat food before, now is the time! We’d love to hear what you think of it.

Coupon for Purina Pro Plan cat foodSo, enjoy your summer! Keep your cats healthy, hydrated and handsome with Purina Pro Plan wet cat food. Before you know it, we’ll be shoveling out the walkways again!

Cat sitting behind Purina wet cat food cans

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4 thoughts on “Keeping your cats hydrated in those hot summer months

  1. I feed Pro plan to our 7 dogs but had no idea there was a cat version too. The dogs really like the dry food and cans so I’m sure the cats will devour it too. Nice to know its got them covered on hydration.


  2. I love Purina ProPlan!!! I give the urinary tract health one, along with your corresponding dry food, to my neutered male cat. He loves them both! Also my husband had taken in an older stray calico cat 2 yrs ago. Now that we’re married, I’ve started her on the grain free ProPlan because she has allergies and digestive issues.Thank you!!!!


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