When #CattyStacks are on clearance at #PetSmart

Cats sit on giant fort

We LOVE Catty Stacks! And this is not a paid or sponsored post. We just love them. Catty Stacks are cardboard boxes with holes in them that clip together firmly with binder clips. The cardboard is super durable and sturdy–even for Ben, our hefty twenty-one pounder.


For a while now, we’ve had four of them in our living room and the boys love playing in them and jumping around on them. They use them as hiding spots and curl up in them to take a nap.

Cats sitting on Catty StacksWell, right now, PetSmart has them on CLEARANCE. So… I, uh, went a little nuts. Whoops!

Cat sits on top of giant fort made out of cardboard Catty Stacks
#bestfortever #catladyproblems

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