Happy Birthday, Ben!

Tuxedo cat poses for camera

Four years ago today, Ben and Desmond were born! They were plucked from a litter of six babies–including another tuxie girl and a few tiger striped cuties. I wanted two boy kittens and these goofballs came into our lives happy and healthy. To celebrate Ben’s birthday falling on #TuxedoTuesday this year, this week’s video features Ben’s classic old-man snore. Ben might be one of the soundest sleepers I know. His snore is so loud and distinct, you’d swear Grandpa was sleeping right next to you.

Two tuxedo kittens sleeping together

The past four years seem to have gone by in the blink of an eye. I can’t imagine our lives without the cats, yet four years doesn’t seem like that long when you think about it. When we lost Desmond last May, I couldn’t get over the fact we only got to spend two-and-a-half years with him, but now I see how lucky we are that we got to know him for as much time as we did. We miss you, Dez!

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And did you see this video we posted over the weekend? He’s just got so much to love. 🙂

And because we miss Desmond every day, here’s an oldie of the two of them as kittens:

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