Hugo stuffing himself into this tube just might break the internet

Tuxedo kitten inside cardboard tube

This week’s video still has us laughing. If you only watch one of our videos, make it this one! We bought this cardboard tube that attaches to our Catty Stacks climbers. (Side note–if you own cats and don’t own Catty Stacks, you are missing out. I swear the boys love theirs and play in them every day. I want to buy more and make them a Catty Stack castle!) I actually bought this tube thing online, thinking it was much bigger than it actually is. When I took it out of the box, I was slightly disappointed because I didn’t think any of the cats would fit in it.  Of course, Hugo loves to prove me wrong! He absolutely loves stuffing himself into this tube, so we put together a short compilation for you. Move over, Maru, there’s a new cat in town! Enjoy!

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And here’s a bonus tube video for you–a Vine created by my husband!


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