Our Interview with Katniss, Cat Reporter

Orange and white cat wearing hat and that reads "PRESS" rests head on paw


The TuxedoTrio are 3 dapper gents named Ben, Jack, and Hugo. Named for characters from the TV show Lost, these felines are stars in the own right. I got to know them better in a recent cat-to-cat interview:

KATNISS: When I look at the three of you, I keep expecting you to break out into song. If you were to do that, what would your style be? Barbershop quartet?

JACK: It would definitely have to be something a cappella to go with our fancy tuxedos.

HUGO: Think ‘Pitch Purrfect.’

KATNISS: You seem like best friends. But when you’re not posing for the camera, are there secret spats? Hissing, swatting, pushing one another off the bed?

JACK: Ben can be a bully sometimes.

BEN: Watch it, bro….

…Check out the rest of the interview with Katniss, Cat Reporter by clicking here!

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