By popular request: Videos of our cats using the toilet!

Tuxedo cat on toilet

We get a lot of requests to post videos of Ben (and Desmond, RIP!) using the toilet. As most of you know, when we first adopted Ben and Desmond, we used the Litter Kwitter, a product that helps you train your cats to use the toilet. In fact, I first started this blog back in 2011 to track our progress. (If you want to read more about that, click here.) Ben took to it much more quickly than Desmond, and eventually Desmond quit and went back to using a litter box. But much to our delight, Ben still uses the toilet every day, even though he has the option of using the box. I made an attempt to train Jack and Hugo as well, but neither of them seemed too interested in the process. So Ben is our wonder cat!

Now that we’ve joined YouTube and have our own channel, I’m slowly starting to put all our videos online. Here are a few of my favorite toilet training videos. If you like these videos, please subscribe to our channel! Enjoy!

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