Toilet Training

Well, I have sad news to report. In the past 2 weeks, Desmond has pooped on the living room carpet any chance he can get. If we catch him in time, we can usually coax him to go on the toilet, but we are obviously not home all day and all night. To make matters worse, I have a cat sitter stopping by each day while we go away on vacation next week. I couldn’t bear the thought of making her pick up cat poop from the rug. I had to get him a litter box. Ughhhhhhh!!! Desmond ruined it for everyone! I hoped maybe both cats would still use the toilet to pee, but Dez only wants to use the litter box now. They both pooped in the box this morning and while Dez peed there too, Ben used the toilet like a good boy.

So, while we have come so far…6 months with no litter box, I am admitting defeat. Maybe after we get married and are able to move into a house with 2 bathrooms, I’ll start the process again. Sigh.

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