Day 115

Toilet Training

Both boys were neutered last week! I was so nervous bringing them home since I knew they would probably have to use the toilet right away and they were still a little drugged up. I was afraid they would fall off (or in!), so I put the intermediate green tray in for them for a little extra standing room. They both used the toilet right away with no difficulties, and we were able to switch back to the final green tray the next day! I was so happy. I really was super nervous–I thought they might forget how to use it, if they were using a regular litter box during the day at the vet, or maybe they would be too sore to go…I had all sorts of worries for them. But I’m so proud to say they breezed through it.

Now it’s a week later, and I would still really like to get rid of the litter in the green tray, but we’re still just trying to keep the pace very slow  to accommodate Dez’s needs.  My fiance is a big fan of giving him lots of litter, but by the time Dez is done digging before a poop, most of it is in the toilet. I almost think he is clearing a spot to sit… it’s hard to tell if he likes a lot of litter so he can dig or if he is trying to get rid of the litter so he can sit on the ledge. Also, Desmond is still sitting with his back paws on the green tray…I’m not really sure how to get him to move back to the white like Benny does. Honestly, if I could just get rid of the litter completely, I really don’t even mind if the white base & green tray stay on our toilet forever. It’s still 289349238 times better than cleaning a litter box!

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