Day 95

Toilet Training

I can’t believe we’re on day 95. Yikes. Well, we had a major set back yesterday. After nearly a week of no green tray, Desmond walked into the living room and pooped on the carpet, right in front of Chris. I just don’t get it! He has NEVER pooped anywhere besides the toilet or directly next to the toilet before. I can only assume he was making a bold statement–pretty much demanding we put the green tray back on the toilet. Which, of course, we have now done. Chris called me a few minutes ago to let me know that both boys pooped exactly where they are supposed to poop this morning, so I am feeling a little better…however, I’m just beginning to wonder if Desmond will ever really be able to quit the Litter Kwitter. I am sure it is the extra footing he likes about having the green tray–it provides a little more stability for him when he goes. Also, while I have seen him sit exactly how he is supposed to sit, with all 4 paws on the white base, this morning I watched him squat awkwardly (legs spread wide) over the green tray to pee. We call him our little dummy. He just doesn’t seem to get it. I feel bad for him! I wish he could just watch his brother Ben and learn how to do it.

Chris says he really doesn’t mind having the green tray in the toilet, as long as both kittens are using it correctly (and he doesn’t have to pick up any more poop off the carpet). I, on the other hand, am getting quite sick of dealing with that stupid green tray AND the white base. I just want my toilet back! I wish we could get there. I’m not sure we will anymore…

This was a picture of Desmond I took a few days ago…his back legs aren’t in the toilet; he actually has his back feet on the lip of the white base here. It’s like he has no idea how to sit anymore! Sigh…

Cat learning how to use toilet

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