Day 83

Toilet Training

Well, the holidays are over and I’m officially back to work. However, my fiance has a few weeks off now and has been spending each day home with the boys. We are still using the green tray, and he has been giving in and letting Desmond use litter, much to my dismay. Last night, I remembered this weekend is a 3 day weekend for me, so my goal is to get them off that damned green tray once and for all!

This morning, before I left for work, Ben peed without the green tray (photo below), but Desmond wouldn’t go. So I plopped the green tray in and scooted off to work. Chris called me late morning to tell me that he removed the green tray and sprinkled a little litter on the edges of the white base (where the green tray would sit), and Ben hopped right up and used it. It took him about a half hour to convince Dez to go, but he finally peed and pooped without the green tray!

I’m really hoping I can ditch the green tray (AND the sprinkles of litter) once and for all this weekend. Next step will be getting them comfortable enough to balance on the actual toilet seat. That might be tricky, since it’s a little slippery and not totally flat, like the white LK base.

We’re getting somewhere, at least! Slowly but surely.

Tuxedo cat uses toilet

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