Day 67

Toilet Training

Well, I figured I’d write a little update. In the past week, we have had a regression. After nearly a week without any litter, both boys began pooping on the floor next to the toilet. So weird. We have solved this by putting the green tray back in (even though both of them were able to use just the white base for peeing and pooping). And most days, we sprinkle a little litter on the green tray. I am trying to get them to kick this habit, however, because since both now sit with all 4 paws on the white part, sometimes their pee lands in the tray. It’s gross and much easier to clean sans litter.

So our Christmas Eve party came and went without incident. I basically dismantled the LK so our guests wouldn’t be creeped out by the contraption on the toilet. I kept an eye on the kittens all night to make sure they weren’t needing to go. Everything went fine! Once all the guests left, I heard my fiancĂ© in the bathroom with Benny, coaxing him to go. So cute.

Soooo…new plan I guess is to just take things as slow as they need to go. Now that we have passed my goal date of the party, I’m not so stressed anymore and I’m more willing to just let them decide when they are ready. Which, I suppose, is probably how I should have been thinking about things anyway.

Here’s a cute pic I snapped this morning of them sharing the toilet:

Two cats learning how to use the toilet

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