Day 53

Toilet Training

Well we are still on the last green tray. I have been trying to put less and less litter in it as I transition the boys to the next step (no tray!), but Desmond seems to be way more comfortable with litter. He will go in the bathroom and cry until we put more litter in the tray, and then he will do his business. I’m trying to take things slow, but getting a bit anxious because we are SO close to the end and our Christmas eve party is in less than 2 weeks… I know I need to wait until Dez is comfortable with taking the next step, but it is so hard! I must say though, they are both peeing and pooping right in the water so clean up is pretty easy. And even though Dez seems to be asking for more litter, neither of them are really digging around in it anymore. So even though these last few days have been making me anxious, I am really so proud of how far we have come in such a short time.

I guess starting them on the Litter Kwitter immediately when I brought them home was a great idea after all! All the literature I read was telling me to wait until they were 12 weeks old, but I just thought it made more sense to start training immediately (8 weeks). I’m so glad I did that. My boys are so smart! I’m a proud mama. I’ll update again when there is a change.

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