Day 31

Toilet Training

So, this morning as I was brushing my teeth, Dez hops up onto the toilet AND PEES IN THE HOLE!!! It was probably just an accident; I’m thinking he may have just positioned himself there as a mistake, but I was so excited! I immediately gave him lots of love and treats for that feat. When we came home from work (12 hours after we left), there was only 1 poop in the litter and 1 clump of pee, which makes me think they may have peed in the hole a few times during the day! There is usually a lot more pee to scoop out of the litter at the end of the day…I’ll have to keep my eye on them tonight and tomorrow morning to confirm this.

In 2 days, I have a few days off from work for Thanksgiving break, so I’m planning on switching to Stage 3 then. I’ll update…..OMG. As I was typing this, I watched Dez run into the bathroom so I followed him in to investigate. Caught him peeing through the hole!!!!! AHHHHHH I’m so excited! This is awesome. This means he is totally ok with peeing in the water, which will make Stage 3 so much easier!

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