Day 22

Toilet Training

Well!! We have made great progress since yesterday! I spent all of yesterday morning comforting Dez in the bathroom, trying to get him to poop again. I could tell he really did need to go by the way he was looking anxiously at the toilet and the chirping sounds he kept making. Finally, after much encouragement and lots of me just picking him up and putting him on the toilet, he finally went!! He got lots of love from mom and lots of yummy treats for that feat.

When we came home late last night, both kittens went poop in front of me, and to my delight, they both pooped again in the middle of the night. So, I am really hoping we have passed the whole “pooping on the floor” phase. I do think that this whole process will just need to go a bit slower for Dezzy since he really seems to be uncomfortable about the whole situation. I bet if we were just training Ben, we’d have already made it to the green tray by now. He seems to be just fine with any change I throw at him! But that’s ok, we’ll just take it slow and move at Dezzy’s pace. Well worth the wait in my mind!

My original goal was to have both boys trained by Christmas time, but I’m quite sure we will need to push this process into January now. Oh well!

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