Day 21

Toilet Training

Well our multi-cat kit finally came yesterday. After much coaxing and begging, I witnessed Dez do his very first poop down the hole!! I was so proud! But I could tell he was nervous and probably wouldn’t have gone by himself if I wasn’t there to cheer him on. My suspicions were confirmed this morning when I woke up to find a steamy pile of poop next to the toilet. As I am begrudgingly cleaning it up, Ben hops right up and poops (not in the hole, but at least in the litter!)…so I definitely know that Desmond is the culprit. I have been up for a few hours this morning trying to coax Dez into going again before I leave for the gym, but I have not had any luck. I’m getting anxious thinking that one of my kittens can actually get the hang of this while the other seems to be desperately terrified of the process…More to come later…

Here is Desmond’s miracle poop in action.

Tuxedo kitten learning how to use toilet

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