Day 5

Toilet Training

Well, we’ve had a few accidents. Both kitties are peeing in the orange ring, and one of them is definitely pooping in the orange ring. But one of them is pooping on the bathroom floor. Boooo. My guess is it’s Ben, although I have yet to catch him in the act. Ben is fascinated with the water under the tray and is constantly trying to get down there to drink it! I think he is confused with the difference between a toilet and his water bowl. Every time I catch him in the act, I pick him up and bring him to his water bowl. I might have to switch back to the red ring, even though it seems like Dezzy is progressing fine. I just ordered the multi-cat extra rings for the Litter Kwitter, so I may switch back to the red ring until I get the additional rings and start them from there…bummer. I guess I did get a little too excited and switched them over too soon.

Tuxedo kitten learning how to use toilet

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