Day 4

Toilet Training

Well, things have been pretty busy since we brought home the boys. Our older cat, Jake, needed to be put to sleep after a cancerous tumor on his chest burst open. It has been awful but Ben & Dezzy are just as cute as can be, so they are helping us get through this tough time. I immediately started the kittens on the Litter Kwitter when I brought them home 4 days ago. I placed them in the red tray on the toilet and showed them where their new litter box was. The first day, neither of them used the toilet at all. The second morning, both Ben and Dezzy were happily using the red tray in the toilet! We have had no accidents at all–they are both using the toilet faithfully and are super curious as to what I’m doing when I scoop and flush. All of this (and the fact that I’m home from work for a few days) inspired me to make a bold move: I switched them to the orange disk about an hour ago. Both are very curious to the new hole in their litter box and like to stick their heads down there for a peek. No bathroom breaks yet, but we’ll see how the rest of the day goes!

Update: Yayyy!!! Ben just used the orange ring for pee!!

Tuxedo kitten learning how to use toilet

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