Fixing up an old cat tree

When Ben and Desmond were kittens, we bought this giant cat tree for them to play on. I even have this adorable video of the first time they ever climbed it! If you have indoor cats, it’s important to provide them with furniture that allows them to climb and scratch. Being able to climb keeps their minds and bodies active in an otherwise mundane environment, and giving them something to scratch encourages them to destroy […]

I found this adorable video of the boys as kittens!

I found this old video from 2011 today. This was taken right after we built baby Desmond and Ben their first cat tree. We actually still have the same cat tree in our living room and the boys still climb it and sleep on it frequently. Back when this was taken, Ben & Dez had never climbed anything so high before, but you can see they figured it out pretty quickly! I can’t believe how […]