Our Interview with Katniss, Cat Reporter

EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT! If you don’t know who Katniss, Cat Reporter is, well then you must be living under a rock. If there’s a big story about cats, Katniss is always on the case! She caught up with us recently to talk about life at TuxedoTrio Headquarters. Check out our interview below and then head on over to her Facebook page to give her a like!


The TuxedoTrio are 3 dapper gents named Ben, Jack, and Hugo. Named for characters from the TV show Lost, these felines are stars in the own right. I got to know them better in a recent cat-to-cat interview:

KATNISS: When I look at the three of you, I keep expecting you to break out into song. If you were to do that, what would your style be? Barbershop quartet?

JACK: It would definitely have to be something a cappella to go with our fancy tuxedos.

HUGO: Think ‘Pitch Purrfect.’

KATNISS: You seem like best friends. But when you’re not posing for the camera, are there secret spats? Hissing, swatting, pushing one another off the bed?

JACK: Ben can be a bully sometimes.

BEN: Watch it, bro….

…Check out the rest of the interview with Katniss, Cat Reporter by clicking here!

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