“Our Human is going to CatCon!”

Yep, it’s true! CatConLA, here I come! I’m pretty excited about this trip. I have a friend who lives near LA who has been asking me to fly out for it since it was announced. For a while, I just kind of laughed at the idea. After all, I live in Boston. Then I realized I was seriously trying to win free tickets to the event, rationalizing if I won, I’d simply HAVE to go. And then I just finally let the realization wash over me–I really wanted to go. So, I bit the bullet. Not only that, but I purchased VIP tickets to the event! What does that mean, you ask? Well, for one, I get to meet Pudge the Cat and the Cats of Instagram team! I’ll also get VIP seating to “My Cat’s a Celebrity and How I’ve Dealt with That,” starring Pudge and Lil Bub. How fitting!


But I think the best part about the weekend will be spending the time with my BFF and meeting new friends! Do you follow us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook? Let’s meet up! I’m bringing a ton of TuxedoTrio goodies with me to give out to everyone I meet. I have loads of stickers and pins. I’ll be the one with the TuxedoTrio tote bag! Look for me. 🙂

Are you headed to CatCon? What part are you looking forward to the most?

Haven’t bought your tickets yet? No worries, there’s still time!

And if you don’t get a chance to go this year, I’ll be blogging about the event here. Maybe you can make it next year! xo

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