Help Ben advance to the Final Four in March Meowdness!

Did you fill out a March Madness bracket this year? What about a March Meowdness bracket? No? Well I’ll let you in on a little secret–March Meowdness is way more fun than a bunch of basketball games! The non-profit website Cats vs. Cancer has set up a kitty bracket with famous social media kitties, and you can can cast your votes to pick the ultimate cat champion! Psst…guess what! BEN HAS MADE IT TO THE ELITE 8 COMPETITION! We need your help today, furriends! Ben is up against his dear friend, Marmalade (of @coleandmarmalade), and this is his toughest competitor yet.

Vote for Ben or Marmalade

To vote for Ben, all you need to do is click on this link and cast your vote! No signing in or signing up for anything. You can also cast multiple votes on different devices if you want (and we need all the votes we can get!).

March Meowdness Bracket

Just by visiting the website and voting for your favorite cat, you are helping to raise money for cancer. Each month, the founders of the website take the revenue earned from ads and donations and give it to a cancer charity! Basically, the more time you spend on the website, or the more times you visit to vote for Ben, the more money your are helping raise for cancer! It’s win-win! Learn more about the mission of Cats vs. Cancer here.

So, head on over to the voting polls and help Ben battle his buddy Marmalade in the Elite 8 competition. Polls close tonight at midnight (EDT). If he wins tonight, he’ll duke it out with Junior from @floppitandjunior, in the Final 4 on Wednesday, March 30th! Thanks for your help!

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