DIY Weekend

City living is starting to weigh on me lately, especially since I feel like we have outgrown our tiny apartment. Unfortunately, it will probably be another year before we’re able to move into our own home and buy lots of pretty new furniture. Most of the furniture we own was bought nearly 10 years ago when my husband and I moved in together. I know once we buy a house we’ll probably trash a lot of what we have and start over. (In fact, I am dying to trash most of what is in my home office and just do a complete overhaul on it… another time, maybe!) I woke up today and just couldn’t stand to look at the cabinet in our bathroom anymore. I think I must have bought this thing over ten years ago. It’s made from very thin wood, the white paint is chipping, and it was packed with so much crap and dust. It probably won’t make it through the next move with us, but I just couldn’t bear to look at it any longer. Jack agreed–a trip to the arts & craft store was in order.

Photo shows a cat sitting on top of a white cabinet.

I ended up going with a “tidal blue” colored spray paint, to match a wedding gift I have hanging in our bathroom. I also bought a couple of beige baskets to help keep us organized.

Photo showing spray paint and basketsI sanded down the top of the cabinet, as well as all the edges and shelves, to help make the paint grab onto the wood better. It only took me about 15 minutes to coat the entire cabinet, and another half hour to dry. Probably the quickest DIY project ever! It feels great to have everything organized and in its own place. And I am in LOVE with the color. It’s kind of amazing what a quick coat of spray paint and a few baskets can do. What do you think? Jack is a fan! What a great helper. Photo shows painted cabinet with cat sitting on top.

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