Here we go!

Hi everyone! I wanted to start a blog to track the progress of my 2 kittens as I train them to use the toilet instead of a litter box. In a few weeks, Benjamin & Desmond will be 8 weeks old and ready to come home with us. I have spent a lot of time researching kitty toilet training techniques and found a bunch of blogs that were really helpful. I only wished there were […]

Day 4

Well, things have been pretty busy since we brought home the boys. Our older cat, Jake, needed to be put to sleep after a cancerous tumor on his chest burst open. It has been awful but Ben & Dezzy are just as cute as can be, so they are helping us get through this tough time. I immediately started the kittens on the Litter Kwitter when I brought them home 4 days ago. I placed […]

Day 5

Well, we’ve had a few accidents. Both kitties are peeing in the orange ring, and one of them is definitely pooping in the orange ring. But one of them is pooping on the bathroom floor. Boooo. My guess is it’s Ben, although I have yet to catch him in the act. Ben is fascinated with the water under the tray and is constantly trying to get down there to drink it! I think he is […]

Day 6

Nothing new to report. We’re back to the red ring and back to having no accidents! Guess we’ll just have to progress slower than I was hoping. I’ll switch to the next ring once we get the multi-cat kit in the mail and we’ll take it from there.

Day 8

Still no more news! We’re sticking to the red ring until the multi-cat kit comes in the mail. I will say that I can tell they are getting better at using the toilet–Benny is sitting in exactly the right position now! All 4 paws on the seat, balancing over the litter! Dez is still standing in the middle of the litter to go, but they are also not kicking around the litter as much. When […]

Day 10

Just witnessed Dezzy poop for the first time putting both paws on the white seat!! Usually he only does his business with all 4 paws in the litter, but it looks like he is starting to get the hang of it! Ben is consistently putting all 4 paws on the seat to both urinate & poop. I’m beginning to think that Dezzy is the one who had the accidents on the floor last week since […]

Day 21

Well our multi-cat kit finally came yesterday. After much coaxing and begging, I witnessed Dez do his very first poop down the hole!! I was so proud! But I could tell he was nervous and probably wouldn’t have gone by himself if I wasn’t there to cheer him on. My suspicions were confirmed this morning when I woke up to find a steamy pile of poop next to the toilet. As I am begrudgingly cleaning […]

Day 22

Well!! We have made great progress since yesterday! I spent all of yesterday morning comforting Dez in the bathroom, trying to get him to poop again. I could tell he really did need to go by the way he was looking anxiously at the toilet and the chirping sounds he kept making. Finally, after much encouragement and lots of me just picking him up and putting him on the toilet, he finally went!! He got […]

Day 26

Nothing new to report! Both of my boys now seem comfortable with Step 2; we haven’t had any accidents in 5 days! Thanksgiving break is next week, so I will probably graduate them to Step 3 during that time so I can be around to ease Desmond into it. I have been trying to catch Benny in his perfect pose, but every time he does it my phone is in the other room! I’ll try […]