By popular request: Videos of our cats using the toilet!

We get a lot of requests to post videos of Ben (and Desmond, RIP!) using the toilet. As most of you know, when we first adopted Ben and Desmond, we used the Litter Kwitter, a product that helps you train your cats to use the toilet. In fact, I first started this blog back in 2011 to track our progress. (If you want to read more about that, click here.) Ben took to it much more quickly than Desmond, and eventually Desmond quit and went back to using a litter box. But much to our delight, Ben still uses the toilet every day, even though he has the option of using the box. I made an attempt to train Jack and Hugo as well, but neither of them seemed too interested in the process. So Ben is our wonder cat!

Now that we’ve joined YouTube and have our own channel, I’m slowly starting to put all our videos online. Here are a few of my favorite toilet training videos. If you like these videos, please subscribe to our channel! Enjoy!

6 months later…

Well, it’s been six months since we accepted defeat and gave the boys the litter box to use. Since they both started using the box, they have not expressed any real interest in using the toilet again. One week ago (on Christmas morning), I’m in the bathroom, cleaning the litter box when Ben hops right up on the toilet and squats and pees right before my eyes! What??? Since then, he’s been using the toilet on his own when he needs to pee! Desmond, of course is not showing any interest in the toilet at all. Not a surprise. But I’m so proud of Ben! I knew he truly enjoyed using the toilet and always hoped he would return to using it even if the litter box was available. What a guy!



Well, I have sad news to report. In the past 2 weeks, Desmond has pooped on the living room carpet any chance he can get. If we catch him in time, we can usually coax him to go on the toilet, but we are obviously not home all day and all night. To make matters worse, I have a cat sitter stopping by each day while we go away on vacation next week. I couldn’t bear the thought of making her pick up cat poop from the rug. I had to get him a litter box. Ughhhhhhh!!! Desmond ruined it for everyone! I hoped maybe both cats would still use the toilet to pee, but Dez only wants to use the litter box now. They both pooped in the box this morning and while Dez peed there too, Ben used the toilet like a good boy.
So, while we have come so far…6 months with no litter box, I am admitting defeat. Maybe after we get married and are able to move into a house with 2 bathrooms, I’ll start the process again. Sigh.

Day 172

Well, no new news to report, but I thought I’d add that I bought an automatic flusher for the toilet and installed it recently. Now we come home to a clean toilet everyday! Of course it makes tracking who pooped when harder, but it’s so much nicer! It took me a while to calibrate it so the motion detector picked up the cats, and it doesn’t always work right because sometimes the cats jump off the toilet before jumping back up and finally picking a spot to stand, but it does a pretty good job overall. Also, just hearing the toilet flush in the other room & seeing one of the cats run out for a treat is pretty hilarious. And by hilarious, I mean awesome.

Day 166

I realize I haven’t updated this in a longggg time! That’s mainly because we are still holding steady on that last green tray with some litter in it for Desmond. He just refuses to poop in the toilet unless it’s there. Sometimes, if he deems it unacceptable (i.e., not enough litter), he will poop on the floor right next to the toilet. This doesn’t happen often…perhaps once every 3-4 weeks or so. But often enough for me to realize that I can’t take away the green tray. 99.8% of the time, both cats will use the toilet. Which, I suppose, is pretty good stats when you think about it. I mean, we haven’t had a real litter box since we brought the kittens home in October. Still, I would really love to get rid of the LK altogether and have my toilet back. I just don’t think it’s going to happen.

I’ll update again when (if) something changes! In the meantime, here are some cute pics of the boys. They are so big now!!