By popular request: Videos of our cats using the toilet!

We get a lot of requests to post videos of Ben (and Desmond, RIP!) using the toilet. As most of you know, when we first adopted Ben and Desmond, we used the Litter Kwitter, a product that helps you train your cats to use the toilet. In fact, I first started this blog back in 2011 to track our progress. (If you want to read more about that, click here.) Ben took to it much […]


“Our Human is going to CatCon!”

Yep, it’s true! CatConLA, here I come! I’m pretty excited about this trip. I have a friend who lives near LA who has been asking me to fly out for it since it was announced. For a while, I just kind of laughed at the idea. After all, I live in Boston. Then I realized I was seriously trying to win free tickets to the event, rationalizing if I won, I’d simply HAVE to go. […]


I found this adorable video of the boys as kittens!

I found this old video from 2011 today. This was taken right after we built baby Desmond and Ben their first cat tree. We actually still have the same cat tree in our living room and the boys still climb it and sleep on it frequently. Back when this was taken, Ben & Dez had never climbed anything so high before, but you can see they figured it out pretty quickly! I can’t believe how […]