Day 71

Haven’t had any accidents since before Christmas! Still working on getting the boys used to going without the green tray. Sometimes they really don’t mind if it’s not there, but other days they cry until I put it back in. Ben usually doesn’t care either way. I think it will be a few more weeks until we can take the whole LK off the toilet, but that’s ok. I’m confident we’ll get there when they […]

Day 67

Well, I figured I’d write a little update. In the past week, we have had a regression. After nearly a week without any litter, both boys began pooping on the floor next to the toilet. So weird. We have solved this by putting the green tray back in (even though both of them were able to use just the white base for peeing and pooping). And most days, we sprinkle a little litter on the […]

Day 61

Just a quick update: Ben is now totally ready to graduate. He will poop and pee using just the white base of LK. Desmond is comfortable peeing using the white, but will not poop unless the green tray is there. He’s slowly coming around, though. Like all the other times before when he has resisted a bit, if I just sit in the bathroom with him and coax him along, he eventually goes. So it’s […]

Day 57

Desmond now has no problem using just the green tray with no litter. We were gone for about 16 hours yesterday and I was afraid we might have an accident on the floor when we came home. But everything was in the toilet! And both boys did their morning poops a few minutes ago in front of Chris. WE’RE OFFICIALLY A LITTER-FREE HOME!!! Our Christmas Eve party is a week from today. Hoping we can […]

Day 55

I think we may have done it, folks! While Ben seems totally fine using the toilet whenever I remove the tray, Desmond still acts like a sad little kitty until I put it back. Today when we came home from work, I needed to clean the tray, so I tried to get him to use the toilet without it. When he cried, I put the tray back on with no litter in it. After a […]

Day 54

So this morning, as I’m brushing my teeth, I decide to take the green tray away altogether to see what the boys would do. Can you guess? I was right–Benny hops right up and, without really even thinking about it, just does his normal morning pee! Desmond, on the other hand, seemed nervous and confused. He made these really sad, pathetic crying sounds until I reluctantly put the tray back in for him. The second […]

Day 53

Well we are still on the last green tray. I have been trying to put less and less litter in it as I transition the boys to the next step (no tray!), but Desmond seems to be way more comfortable with litter. He will go in the bathroom and cry until we put more litter in the tray, and then he will do his business. I’m trying to take things slow, but getting a bit […]

Day 49

Decided to switch to Step 5 (the LAST step!) last night, since the difference between Step 4 and 5 is so small. I figured they probably wouldn’t notice so much–and I was right! Neither had a problem with the change, so we are well on our way to becoming a litter-free home! I was a little nervous because Dez seemed to be walking with a limp last night, but by this morning he was better […]

Day 47

Still no accidents! So happy with the boys! Snapped some pics early this morning. Desmond is still trying to figure out the best way to pee with the new tray…here he is doing a really awkward squat over the hole: And here is Benny-the-pro! What perfect posture! All 4 paws on the seat and superb balance! I really think we could take the tray away altogether for him and he’d just roll with it.

Day 44

We have successfully transitioned to Stage 4! I was away all weekend and when I returned this afternoon, I waited until it was just about time for their evening poops and made the switch. Totally seamless. I was shocked. They didn’t even hesitate. This is amazing! I was really nervous about making this switch because out of all the trays, the jump from stage 3 to 4 is the biggest. But they both hopped up […]