Day 36

Awesome news to report: Desmond is now aiming for the hole 75% of the time he goes! This includes both peeing and pooping! He also is now learning how to stand with his front paws on the seat. Not only does this mean less clean up for me, it also means he’s gotten over his fear of the hole in the tray. I have also noticed the kittens aren’t playing in the water as much–which […]

Day 33

Well today we switched the boys to Stage 3 (the orange ring). They didn’t use it for hours. All they did was stick their heads and paws down the hole and touch the water. Annoying! I spent nearly an hour in the bathroom coaxing Dezzy to poop with no luck. I finally gave up and went in the other room. Chris calls me out a few minutes later to tell me both boys have pooped! […]

Day 31

So, this morning as I was brushing my teeth, Dez hops up onto the toilet AND PEES IN THE HOLE!!! It was probably just an accident; I’m thinking he may have just positioned himself there as a mistake, but I was so excited! I immediately gave him lots of love and treats for that feat. When we came home from work (12 hours after we left), there was only 1 poop in the litter and […]

Day 26

Nothing new to report! Both of my boys now seem comfortable with Step 2; we haven’t had any accidents in 5 days! Thanksgiving break is next week, so I will probably graduate them to Step 3 during that time so I can be around to ease Desmond into it. I have been trying to catch Benny in his perfect pose, but every time he does it my phone is in the other room! I’ll try […]

Day 22

Well!! We have made great progress since yesterday! I spent all of yesterday morning comforting Dez in the bathroom, trying to get him to poop again. I could tell he really did need to go by the way he was looking anxiously at the toilet and the chirping sounds he kept making. Finally, after much encouragement and lots of me just picking him up and putting him on the toilet, he finally went!! He got […]

Day 21

Well our multi-cat kit finally came yesterday. After much coaxing and begging, I witnessed Dez do his very first poop down the hole!! I was so proud! But I could tell he was nervous and probably wouldn’t have gone by himself if I wasn’t there to cheer him on. My suspicions were confirmed this morning when I woke up to find a steamy pile of poop next to the toilet. As I am begrudgingly cleaning […]